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  • Mike DiFrisco

Your Dental DNA: Your Core Instruction Set

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Just as people can understand much of who they are from their DNA, so too can dental practices. Businesses are organisms that reflect their owners, associates, team, environments, locations, and strengths.

They carry a core instruction set that informs the actions and outcomes of your treatments and the care and concern for your clients.

So your practice has DNA. Not chemical, biological DNA, but “Dental DNA”.

Your dental DNA IS your personal brand. As author Andy Cunningham said in her book, Get to Aha!, your personal brand will help clearly and consistently define, express, and communicate who you are, whom you serve, and why you have chosen to dedicate your life and work to serving your target market.

The more bold, authentic, and concise your personal brand is, the more easily you'll attract those you’re meant to work with—your ideal clients—and repel those who are less than ideal.

Looking at others in your same space—those competing for your patients and potential clients—helps you identify the white space, the competitive sweet spot, in the marketplace that only you and your practice can credibly fill.

What does that DNA mean for positioning your dental practice to win in the marketplace?

The key to maximizing your competitive advantage is to pinpoint that DNA—your “inside reality”—and use it to your advantage; to position your dental practice in the market so that you can win. Your position serves as the bridge between your business strategy and the face you ultimately present to the world through your marketing and communications. These are your “outside perceptions”. Make sure your inside reality and your outside perceptions are in alignment.

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