• Mike DiFrisco

Three Simple Tests

Want to know if your dental marketing is sucky? Try these three simple and quick tests. For each of them, look at one of your recent marketing pieces (a brochure, an advertisement, maybe even your website), and see if it passes these three tests:

  1. When your marketing makes a claim, ask if your prospective patient will respond with, “Well, I would hope so!” If they can, your dental marketing probably sucks. (My favorite example is, “Now accepting new patients.” Well, I would hope so, because if you aren't, why are you marketing to me!)

  2. If your marketing is full of empty platitudes that no one—except your dear old mom—would care about, your dental marketing probably sucks. It needs to be about the RESULTS you promise your patients; not about your services or how wonderful you are.

  3. If you can cross out the name of your practice and write in the name of any competitive practice—and the marketing piece still works—your dental marketing probably sucks.

You can get better results from your marketing and drive demand and preference for your practice. BrandXcellence can help you discover—and amplify—your unique competitive advantage (and then ensure it’s infused into all your marketing and communications) so that you can pass these three tests with flying colors!

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