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Keeping Your Dental Brand in Alignment

The alignment of your dental practices’ Character, Conduct, and Conversation is essential to maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing.

In other words, make sure who you are is aligned with how you and your team act, which in turn is aligned with what you say in your marketing and in communicating with patients and prospects.

Effective alignment contributes to delivering your brand driver and making your brand promise obvious to your prospects and clients—and, just as importantly—does absolutely nothing to detract from your focus.

Here’s a great example of alignment in action.

Outdoor Dental is a practice located in Calgary, Alberta, at the foot of the Rockies. Its owner, Dr. Jay Patel, loves the great outdoors: hiking, camping, traveling, and enjoying where he lives and practices.

That’s its character.Dr. Patel says, “Our logo links to our name and ties our tagline; a description of our general philosophy. Our name draws our ideal patient to us. While we primarily market to neighboring communities, the majority of our target group are young, active families who love the outdoors as much as I do.”

In conduct, Outdoor Dental embraces this difference by depicting on its website all the team members in outdoor settings. And in keeping with the name, they have designed the office with the same theme, using materials and photos of the great outdoors. In other words, their brand talk aligns with their brand walk.

In its conversation—its marketing and social discourse—Outdoor Dental maintains this critical alignment by offering clever giveaways, like logoed camping mugs. And on social media, posts content such as “How to maintain good oral hygiene while camping—and leave no trace.”

Here is the brand positioning construct for Outdoor Dental:

Especially for anyone looking to live a healthy lifestyle, Outdoor Dental is the best family dental practice that has your best interest at heart, because we know that a healthy lifestyle starts with good oral health.

Alignment of the Three Cs creates coordination, which in turn multiplies the power of your focus, adding both strength to your brand and efficiency to everything you do.

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