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  • Mike DiFrisco

Branding and the Power of Choice

Good branding gives people irresistible reasons to work with you. When your dental practice engenders trust, prospective patients will CHOOSE to work with YOU…if you have a strong and compelling point of differentiation.

This became clear when I was looking for some kitchen and bath remodeling. Yes, watching too much HGTV won my wife over to spending some money on updating our home.

When I began searching for local remodeler, I ran into a few online and found it difficult to understand why I would do business with them. Here’s what I mean:

Impact Remodeling

Quality You Can See!

Old School Builds

Committed To Quality Work & Service

Townsends Builders

You'll Love Our Work, Guaranteed!

Now there’s nothing really wrong with any of these businesses based on name and tagline alone (although I would advise them not to use the word “quality” in their name or slogan since it has become a meaningless word—a point of parity or something expected—at best).

But then I came across a company called Three-Day Kitchen and Bath. Wow. The brand promise is baked right into the name. They’ll be in and out of our home—and we can get back to normal—in only three days! For people looking for remodeling help, “speed” would seem to be a meaningful and relevant point of differentiation. By seeing the name alone, I intuitively understood their value proposition and they’ve given me a reason to look more closely.

But it gets better. Right on the side of their truck (which is how I became aware of Three-Day Kitchen and Bath) it said: “We’ll put you up at the Marriott while we remodel your kitchen and bath.” Hey, cool! A mini vacation with my wife and we won’t be in the builders’ hair. Choice made!

To succeed at branding, you must understand the needs and wants of your target audience. A strong brand is invaluable as the marketplace gets crowded with not only competitors, but those solutions your target audience BELIEVE are alternatives. In this case, one alternative was to attempt the remodel as a do-it-yourself project. But because of the compelling value I saw in Three-Day, I was able to identify with their brand, their value, and their difference and choose them over the dozens of options presented to me in a local internet search.

What differentiating value does your practice offer?

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