Or, at the very least, it’s not performing as you had hoped.



Allow me to let you in on a little-known secret:

It’s probably NOT your marketing that sucks.


Did you know that businesses waste between 30 and 50 billion dollars each year on ineffective marketing? And 90 percent of small business owners (that’s you) say they’re dissatisfied with the results from their advertising.


The results of your dental marketing are less than stellar and you’re struggling to find the return on investment.


You’ve tried various approaches, channels, messages, and offers, yet it doesn’t appear to be making a dent in the growth of your practice and you’re less than satisfied with the performance of these marketing tactics.


Most dental practices try to MARKET their businesses before they BRAND their businesses. They’re putting the marketing cart before the branding horse.


The number one problem in dental marketing is the lack of a brand strategy—the reason a prospective patient should choose Brand You over Brand B. As a result, your dental marketing sucks.


Because building your marketing and advertising program on a solid foundation of brand is the ONLY way you’re going to:

  • Stand out from your competition

  • Create preference and give patients a reason to patronize your practice

  • Attract and retain more patients

  • Cement patient loyalty, build buzz, and create more word-of-mouth referrals

  • Establish greater trust

If your marketing is not working 4, 5, or more times harder than you are,

then your dental marketing sucks.



BrandXcellence was founded by Michael DiFrisco, Chief Marketing Officer of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), brand strategist, speaker, and consultant. He is also the author of How to Craft a R.A.D.I.C.A.L. Brand for your Dental Practice: The do-it-yourself manual for building your dental brand strategy.

He has educated at numerous dental CE events, been a guest on multiple dental podcasts, and has written for dental publications.

Our team of strategists, designers, account managers, and copywriters—plus our dental-focused strategic partners—will ensure that your marketing works as hard as you do.

As seen (and heard) in:

Entrepreneur magazine

Dental Products Report

The Progressive Dentist

Sales & Leadership Excellence

DentalLink Live

ACT! Dental Conference

All-Star Dental Academy

The Thriving Dentist Podcast

Your Dental Success Podcast

The Dentalpreneur Podcast


Especially for dentists practicing at a higher level—fee-for-service practices and cosmetic or restorative dentists performing complex cases—BrandXcellence works collaboratively WITH you to provide the tools and techniques that will make your marketing sing instead of suck.

It’s really as easy as 1-2-3:

First, take our FREE 3-Minute Dental Practice Brand Check-up. It quick and easy and will show you exactly how your dental brand ranks. Download the PDF here.

Then, you’ll definitely want to consider our Make My Marketing Not Suck™ Package: It’s everything you need to put your practice marketing on the right track, including a new visual identity (a custom logo), your unique voice and tone in your own brand book, your verbal messaging in a succinct and compelling elevator pitch so patients and prospects know why to choose you. It’s virtually everything you need to brand your practice and supercharge your dental marketing. You’ll end up with:

  • An inspired practice name – who you are

  • A literal descriptor – what you do

  • A compelling tag line – how you do it

  • A unique company logo – your visual identity

  • A :15 elevator pitch – your verbal shorthand

  • A brand style guide – your voice and tone in a “brand bible”


It’s virtually everything you need to brand your practice and supercharge your dental marketing.

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Once we've helped identify what makes your dental practice unique and discover your true competitive advantage—your "inside reality"—it's NOW time to turn on the afterburners and make all your marketing and communications—your "outside perceptions"—sing instead of suck. We’ve partnered with the dental industries' finest marketing specialists to help guide and steward your new brand into the marketplace.



Stop throwing money away
Stop chasing the marketing tactic du jour
Stop being a me-too dental practice
Stop doing sucky marketing


We can't wait to help your dental marketing not suck!

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